We've got what your Boutique needs

We have developed a solution to minimise returns on your Store, help the user choose the right outfit based on an Algorithm that detects its preferences and that benefit your Shop increasing your sales.

How it Works?

Like Magic

Zero hassle. Our Software do the work for you.

Ready to Ship

We reduce your returns so you can ship the perfect outfit.

Up to Date

We update the software and keep you up to date.

Made with Love

And with passion for the fashion industry.

The Process

The customer inputs their dimensions and we capture this data in order to provide the best fit for their body.

The customer inputs their Bust, Chest Waist, Hips and Thighs With this information from the customer our software will being to mix together the magic ingredients; that will give each customer the best fit for their body.

With the data from your customer and the magic ingredient. We are able to improve the probability of the customer getting the right size when purchasing clothes online. As a result, reducing online clothing returns for your store.

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